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Virtual Reality

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Augmented Reality

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chrome borders ar and vr experiences

Afro Future Garden Atrium

Chanakya School of Craft

Afro Future Garden Artistic in collaboration with Mickalene Thomas Studio Atrium

Raja Ghanta

Vice President – Growth & Special Projects to Atrium team.

Augmented Reality

Delaney Washington

Act 2.5 Ballerina Avatar

Rusty Gillette

Drumhop Productions - Grass Dance Song 4 By Mandaree

Patrick Lachman & VO

Music Composer - Virgil Ortiz, Recon Watchmen

Patrick Gamble

George's Mocap Performer

George Gillette

Grass Dancer

George Clinton & P-Funk

The Mothership

Sekou Luke

BTS Documentary & San Juan Hill Video Editor

Virtual Reality

Daniel Bedrosian

Additional Composition and Musical Arrangements for George Clinton’s Funkmasta VR Experience

Jeremy Lucas

Mix and Master Engineer

Francesca Harper

Movement Direction / Bina48 Performer

Nia- Simone Egerton

Additional Sound Design and Music Production

Allison Costa

Cyboracle's motion capture pre tests & Movement Lab residency assistant.


Bruce Duncan

Management of Bina48 the Humanoid AI Robot and Managing Director of the Terasem Movement Foundation Inc

Loudspeaker Music Group

Music Clearance

Walsh and Tsempelis



Atrium Technical Production




Lighting & Projection


Motion Capture filmed at ZeroSpace, Brooklyn, NY.


Volumetric Capture filmed by Evercoast, in support of NYU Tandon School of Engineering Special thanks to Onassis ONX

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